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“The Cottage” at the Engeman Theater


“a handsomely detailed set by Jonathan Collins, who turns the title abode into a virtual character. These are folks of means and taste — comfortable without being conspicuous — down to their fashion statements (personality-revealing costumes by Tristan Raines)” – Newsday

“The ‘cottage’ designed by the incomparable Jonathan Collins– which theatergoers admired before the show even began– is a work of art. An abundance of burnished wood, a muted color palette and distressed floor all attest to the fact that this is a structure that has stood the test of time. We glimpse some of the weathered exterior of the cottage at the edges of the interior. Trelliswork laden with colorful flowers convey the beauty of the surrounding meadows. Kudos to props designer Eric Reynolds for upping the cottage’s charm with just the right assortment of knickknacks, flower pots and ferns peeking out hanging baskets.” – The Northport Daily News

“The title reflects the set. It is the interior of an English cottage located 90 miles from London, possibly the Cotswolds. Set designer Jonathan Collins has outdone himself with this effort. It is tastefully decorated in what may be called English Rustic of 1923, the play’s time frame. Collins’ skills are outstanding.” – Times of Huntington

“Another highlight is the incredibly stunning set created by Engeman vet Jonathan Collins with Eric Reynold’s coordinating the props. As suggested from the response of my fellow patrons first walking into the theatre, Mr. Collins outdid himself with the rustic yet homey ambiance of the family’s English countryside cottage. The addition of Mr. Reynolds’ beautiful props ideally exhibited the upper class lifestyle of the family.” – Broadway World

“A superb set by the incredible Jonathan Collins” – Smithtown Matters

“The charming set by designer Jonathan Collins brings to mind a fairy-tale cottage” – NY Theatre Guide