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“Plaza Suite”


“But the visual star is Jon Collins’ re-creation of a swanky suite from the Plaza’s gilded past.” – Newsday

“Jonathan Collins […] is once again at the top of his game, and the result is nothing short of spectacular. A plethora of crown molding accented call to mind the tall ceilings common to old-time Manhattan hotels. The sitting room and the bedroom proper are adorned with luxurious accoutrements, including a crystal chandelier and sconces. The visual separation of these adjoining spaces is reinforced by a slightly different color palette. In the sitting room, raised panel rooms accented with gold echo the flowing golden draperies. The bedroom with its glamorous tufted velvet headboard, area rug and draped windows is more of a visual ode to blues and turquoises.” – Northport Daily News

“Movies about the famed Plaza aside, it’s necessary that the set for this trio of essentially one-act plays appear just as impressive as everyone knows the actual landmark venue to be. It’s a big order, but […] Jon Collins is more than equal to the task. The set’s gorgeous!” – Smithtown Matters

“Scenic Designer Jon Collin’s detailed set ably transports the audience into an intricate hotel suite.” NY Theater Guide